Fuck Yeah Misfits
A gang of five teenage outsiders - party-girl Alisha, hard-as-nails Kelly, one-time sporting hero Curtis, painfully shy nerd Simon and smart-aleck Nathan - get caught in a flash storm while on Community Service and suddenly find themselves saddled with strange superpowers.
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Anonymous: Sorry yeah I didn't know the owners changed I only just started to follow you so I went down your blog and it said that they wished they would do a us version as they didn't understand a lot of the jokes and stuff

oh no! you’re good. :)

Anonymous: What jokes from misfits don't you get? I'm British so I could always explain :)

i get asked this a lot so maybe the last owner of the blog didn’t understand cuz i understand all the joke.s

not to sound bitchy!

Just wanted to clarify.

Anonymous: You can also watch the entire series on Hulu.
Anonymous: You can watch the entire series on dailymotion!
poison-ivyxo: Holy fucking shit balls I absolutely love Simon! He is just so cute! Especially when you figure out that the guy in the suit is actually him. It makes him so much more better. Oh and Nathan, he is also very fabulous and attractive. So is Curtis. I JUST LOVE THEM ALL. 💕 Simon is my absolute fav tho 👌 I love his apartment that he goes to with his girlfriend aw I ship them two xx I love when Curtis gets the power afterwards, to turn into a girl hahaha!

Simon is definitely adorkable.

perfectlittleimperfection: my friends mom is from there. y'all have good food

it is the best and i want to take my white-ass boyfriend there so he can try it all.

perfectlittleimperfection: ooh where did you move from?

El Salvador.

Tiny country in Central America.

I know totally opposite of UK.

beanybags: are you from the UK?

No. I’m an American.

Well, kind of.

I immigrated to America when I was 12

Anonymous: i actually kind of want an american version (im american btw) because some of the jokes in the UK one i dont fully understand and it's probably b/c of cultural differences. so id be excited for and american version. its just in america, for cursing on tv i would probably have to pay extra to watch it which really sucks.
Anonymous: at first i hated rudy and missed the old cast so much but now ii am more for rudy then nathan

I know a lot of people are like that.

I feel because they have Rudy a lot of more room to grow.